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Children especially welcome!

Children’s Dentistry

Choosing a dentist for your child is really important. It is a great privilege to look after a child’s teeth and something we take extremely seriously.

At Burgess Hill Dental we will give both you, as parents and your child, the tools to help your child grow up without cavities and without a fear of coming to the dentist.

Our main principle of treatment in children is prevention. We aim to stop problems before they start. This involves:

• Diet advice and how to avoid sugar in food and drinks
• Oral hygiene advice to make sure the teeth are as clean as possible
• Cleaning
• Fluoride protection and fissure sealants to give a helping hand to ensure cavities don’t develop.
• Stickers, to keep everyone happy!

We will do everything we can to make sure the experience is as fun as possible. We pride ourselves on helping children overcome any anxiety they may have about dental care and will do whatever we can to achieve this. You can also rest assured that we don’t use metal amalgam (‘mercury’) fillings if they are ever needed.

We offer NHS treatment for all children of existing adult patients. Treatment for children on the NHS is free of charge (up to the age of 19 if still in full time education).

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