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Tooth Whitening


Over time teeth can become stained and discoloured, especially if you are drinking lots of tea and coffee.

We offer Boutique whitening which is the market leading tooth whitening system and only available from dentists.

Boutique is a collaboration between dentists in the UK & USA and chemists in Canada. They have come up with the world’s most advanced formula for tooth whitening.



We have been using this or similar products for many years.  It is a safe procedure and no damage is done to your teeth.  We guarantee that you will achieve a brighter, whiter smile (of course you must do your part and complete the prescribed treatment!)

The system works by 3D scanning your mouth to produce custom fit trays. A gel is inserted into the trays and they are typically worn over night. The results are fantastic and once you have had the trays made you can easily and cheaply buy more gel from us as and when you need.

We have a variety of different formulas we can use depending on your needs: including a super quick 1 hour wear gel for daytime use and a lower concentration gel for people with sensitivity.

Boutique tooth whitening costs £360. Contact us if you would like a FREE consultation to see if your teeth are suitable.

For this you get:

  • A 3D scan of your mouth
  • Boutique custom made whitening trays
  • 2 weeks supply of Boutique whitening gel
  • A whitening appointment to show you how to use the products to ensure you get the best possible results.

For more information please visit: https://boutiquewhitening.com

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