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What are implants?

implantsImplants are probably the best way of replacing teeth, although they are only one of a number if ways teeth can be replaced.

An implant is an artificial root, made from titanium, that becomes embedded in the jaw bone.  This usually takes about 3 months following the placement of the implant.  At this stage a crown (made form porcelain) is screwed on to the titanium ‘root’. Often an implant is required for every tooth that needs replacing, although there are occasions when more than one porcelain tooth can be supported by a single implant.  When all upper or lower teeth are being replaced it is possible to do on just four implants.

Implant dentistry is an extremely specialised procedure and we believe is best carried out by implant experts who have had extra training and are very skilled and experienced. We are extremely fortunate to have the foremost implant centre in the south-east on our doorstep. www.theimplantcentre.co.uk in Haywards Heath and Hove. We are totally confident you will receive the very best treatment with them. We have a close relationship with The Implant Centre and most of our patients return to us to have the crown/bridge made by us after the implant is fully embedded.

The picture above demonstrates the old and new.  In place of the missing tooth is an implant on to which a porcelain crown is attached.  The big advantage of this is that the teeth adjacent to the gap are unaffected. The old way, which we do still do on occasion, is a fixed bridge.  This involves cutting the adjacent teeth so that a bridge can be cemented on all three teeth.  This is extremely damaging to the adjacent teeth so is why an implant is such a good option.


Are implants right for me?

Firstly discuss it with your dentist. They will explain all of the possibilities and associated costs for replacing your missing teeth. If you decide that implants are your best option we will refer you for a consultation..

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