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Cost effective way to reshape teeth

Cosmetic Bonding

Closing gaps and “black triangles” using the Bioclear (Clark) Matrix System


A lovely smile consists essentially of beautiful teeth framed by full symmetrical lips and healthy pink gums. Unfortunately, as we age, some of us develop black triangles around our teeth. These triangles are caused by receding gums, which expose more of our teeth than we want to show. Fortunately, we now have a new technique for closing these annoying black spaces.

The BioClear (Clark) matrix system which uses uniquely shaped plastic templates with, flowable composite that can be moulded around your teeth, closing black triangles and restoring your attractive smile. Above you can see black triangles have been removed on the upper and lower teeth. Below the Bioclear system has been used for closing a gap in between the teeth


The Bioclear method is an advanced way to handle aesthetic problems using direct filling materials.

The process involves filling in the gaps between the teeth with carefully placed, highly polished composite resin.

The advantages of Bioclear:

  • The process is conservative to your teeth because no, or minimal tooth is actually removed
  • The Bioclear fillings are placed directly on your teeth in one visit
  • The materials are highly aesthetic but also can be repaired or re-polished if needed
  • Because there is no lab involved, the cost of the treatment is much less than for crowns or veneers
  • The unique shape of the plastic templates creates a biologically healthy environment for the gums, promoting excellent gum shape and condition.


With conventional composite bonding we can improve the shape, size and to a limited extent the colour of a tooth, we can repair chipped and worn teeth as on the left. Again this is a cost effective alternative to porcelain veneers. While not as durable or stain resistant as porcelain composite is usually relatively easy to repair or repolish if needed.

Your dentist will be able to tell you if this is a suitable option for you


Close up photo of an upper right canine and rotated premolar tooth we reshaped using bonded composite filling.


Cost effective smile improvement using bonded tooth coloured filling.

Gaps closed on upper teeth using bonded tooth coloured filling and Bioclear Matrix System and we improved the fitting edges of a very old bridge on the lower teeth using tooth coloured filling and a complex bonding recipe which stuck shade matched filling material to the tooth and the porcelain on the bridge.

One appointment and one very happy patient!


Janet was unhappy with the asymmetry of her smile and is delighted with the results we have achieved using bonded tooth coloured filling techniques including the Bioclear (Clark) Matrix system.


Vicky didn’t like the gaps between her teeth. She tried really hard not to show her teeth when she smiled in any photographs.


We closed the gaps and lengthened her teeth slightly using bonded tooth coloured filling material, and the Bioclear matrix system. Aesthetically and biologically successful.

This is a cost effective and minimally invasive alternative to porcelain veneers and crowns.

Vicky is delighted with the result!

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