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Laser Treatment using the Elexxion Pico

We are delighted to be able to use the same advanced laser technology in dentistry that we have all become aware of in other fields in medicine.


Lasers are most commonly used to adjust gums in  a very gentle way.  This is required if a filling is extending underneath the gum or if there is a flap of gum over a wisdom tooth that keeps getting infected.  Removing small amount of gum can make sealing the filling more predictable and can also avoid the need for removal of a wisdom tooth.  There is usually minimal discomfort and no bleeding.  soemtimes it is possible to adjust the position of the gum around a tooth to make the gum levels the same on adjacent teeth.  This is called gingival recontouring.  This is limited to fairly minor changes.


This patient had laser gum recontouring as part of a smile makeover (which included tooth whitening and composite reshaping)

The second photograph is taken just 4 days after the laser treatment took place, and shows just how kind the laser is to the gum.

Please see our smile gallery for further examples of gum recontouring.


Laser used for gentle gingival recontouring in one area to get more symmetry.


Patient really shows her lower teeth when she smiles so this very obvious difference in gum shape on her lower front teeth really detracted from her otherwise gorgeous smile.


Photograph taken immediately after laser treatment finished. Shows no bleeding and will heal very quickly.


Photograph taken 7 days after lasering, showing healed healthy gum. Patient had ZERO pain following her laser treatment, not even a little bit sore! Patient was very happy with the result.

Laser Cold Sore Therapy

We can help!

Cold sores can be highly embarrassing and confidence crushing not to mention very painful. Sometimes being stress related they can come at the worst possible times, just before an important work or social event, holiday or even a wedding.

We are very pleased to be able to offer a NEW very effective, minimally invasive treatment using our soft tissue Diode Laser.

The laser can prevent the lesion from progressing and significantly cut down the healing time.
The treatment is quick, painless and no anaesthetic is needed. It is best done at the very first stages of the sore developing (when you feel tingling or burning before the blisters break through)

There is a charge of £45,

Please ring us on 01444 233454 as soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold sore coming on and we will do our best to see you that day.

Digital Photography and imaging



We have intra-oral cameras and dental macro cameras in every surgery which give us instant superb quality images we can share with you, sometimes of views, you would struggle to see yourself! We have digital radiographs and can email diagnostic images to other healthcare professionals at the touch of a button.

Intraoral Cameras

With this pen-shaped device, our dentists can take high-resolution photos of the inside of your teeth, gums and display them on a nearby monitor for you to see. Intraoral cameras allow us to not only find dental problems much more easily, but also give you a better idea of what’s happening inside your mouth. The more you know about your mouth, the more informed you can be about the treatments you need. You will now be able to see and understand why your dentist might recommend a filling, crown or other treatment.

Digital X-Rays

All surgeries use digital radiographs (x-rays). Since the X-rays are digital and stored on the computer, it’s easy to access previous X-rays and also compare x-rays. For those who are concerned about radiation exposure, you’ll be glad to learn that digital X-rays require less radiation than their traditional counterparts, which were already very low.

Magnification and Illumination

All our dentists, hygienists and therapists wear loupes (magnification) and usually with an accessory light . These aid the clinician with both diagnosis and treatment.  The work we do is very delicate and precise so having magnification is essential.


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