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Treatment for Facial Lines and Wrinkles



We are pleased to offer both anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers. These are provided by our lead facial aesthetics practitioner,
Dr Lynsey Crothers.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment:

This is a treatment typically performed on the forehead and around the crow’s feet and is used to reduce and prevent the appearance of lines associated with aging. It is commonly referred to a Botox injections.
For this treatment a small amount of toxin is injected into the muscles that produce lines to lessen their effect. The procedure is very safe and virtually pain free. Typically results last 3-4 months after injecting.

Dermal Fillers:

As we age, the collagen in our lips and cheeks reduces in size and this can cause some of the common effects seen in aging. By injecting dermal fillers we can replace this lost collagen and restore a youthful look. Fillers are usually placed in the lips and cheeks and when used correctly can really effectively hide any lines that may be starting to develop.


Dr Lynsey Crothers

Lynsey graduated as a dentist from Newcastle in 2010 and is originally from Belfast. She is a fantastic facial aesthetics practitioner and has undergone comprehensive training to provide the latest techniques to her patients.

“I have been providing facial aesthetic treatments to patients since 2017. I decided to undergo training, after having several treatments myself that vastly improved my self-confidence and I truly love helping others to feel their most beautiful too. Having gained extensive knowledge of head and neck anatomy as an undergraduate, this has a provided a solid foundation to build upon. I have since undergone advanced training with several award-winning training academies, based on Harley Street. With a keen eye for detail and a sound knowledge base, this enables me to provide beautiful aesthetic results, safely. Consultations are free of charge and I will ensure that you are fully informed before any treatments are provided.”

Outside of work Lynsey loves fashion and interiors. She loves holidays, socialising, good food and staying active.

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