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Teresa had teeth that failed to come through as a child and the tooth straightening that was available at the time left her with some very significant asymmetry, gaps and tipped teeth. The possibility of further tooth straightening was explored but it was very possible it would not have given Teresa the smile improvement she wanted. This was a complex case. Tooth whitening, laser gum reshaping and porcelain crowns bridges and veneers were provided. Teresa is very pleased with the outcome.



Simon had a squash accident in his teens fracturing his front teeth. He didn’t like dentists and put up with a less than lovely smile for a long time. His wife persuaded him to ask us for help.

We whitened Simon’s teeth, rebalanced his bite using state of the art T-Scan software, re-contoured his gum margins with a laser and provided ten high aesthetic porcelain restorations with a combination of crowns and veneers on the upper and lower.



Anna’s upper canine teeth did not come through and her retained baby teeth had badly worn. It almost looked as if these teeth were missing when she smiled. Anna was not suitable for implants.

We whitened Anna’s teeth, removed the 2 baby teeth subtly reshaped her upper front teeth and lower canines. We placed high aesthetic porcelain veneers to improve the shape of the small lateral incisors and all ceramic adhesive bridges to fill the spaces. This required minimal drilling, very little loss of precious sound tooth and at no point was Anna left with any gaps.



Charlotte’s teeth were very severely worn due to a combination of her grinding her teeth at night and acidic foods in her diet. She didn’t like the colour of her teeth or the small gap at the front either or her slightly “gummy” smile.

We rebalanced Charlotte’s bite and recontoured her gums with a laser and provided 10 high aesthetic porcelain veneers to lengthen her teeth. Charlotte wanted a bright whiter more glamorous smile but not anything that looked fake (Joey Essex was mentioned!). Charlotte needs to wear a guard at night to protect her teeth from her grinding. As well as looking fantastic her veneers will protect her teeth from further wear.



Nick’s teeth were worn due to a combination of grinding and acidic foods in his diet. He also lifts weights and it is possible the front teeth have fractured as a result of clenching while lifting in the gym.

Nick just didn’t like his smile that much particularly the fact his front teeth were smaller than the others. We rebalanced Nick’s bite and whitened his teeth, provided two high aesthetic, high strength ceramic crowns on his two upper front teeth. We re-shaped four upper front teeth canines and lateral incisors with composite filling material to improve the aesthetics and the bite. We think you can tell Nick was pleased with the end result!

Smile Consultations

If you would like to find out what we can do to improve your smile please come and see us. Smile consultations are FREE, genuinely without obligation and we promise absolutely no pushy “selling”. We would just love to show you how we could help. We will listen carefully to what is concerning you. We may if appropriate take some photos and possibly do a “mock up” (see below) to show you in your mouth what could be possible. Please note it is not always possible to give you a detailed or exact quote for the cost of any possible treatment at this appointment. Sometimes just simple dental procedures done very well will give you the results you are after. Our philosophy is always to get the best result with the least amount of dentistry. There are always different options, which will suit different budgets, which we can discuss with you.

Cosmetic Consultations
Free cosmetic consultations are secured with a deposit that will be refunded at the appointment. Our cancellation policy applies as below.
A full refund, or credit against a future appointment, will be given for appointments cancelled with at least two full working days’ notice.
The fee will be non-refundable for non-attendance or for appointments cancelled with less than two full working days’ notice.



This ten-year-old was being bullied at school because his teeth looked “dirty” He had deep internal stains in his two front teeth.

We did some surface treatment and some precise and gentle tooth whitening to get this very satisfying result. The stain is gone without any need to pick up a drill. Bullying stopped, self-confidence returned!


This gentleman was terrified of dentists and had not been for a very long time.

He had several visits with our hygiene team to help him reduce and manage his gum disease, a new crown was provided, decay removed and cavities filled with tooth coloured filling
material. He is now not scared at all which is great!


This lady had her gum gently re-contoured with a laser, three small fillings, an old front crown replaced and a high aesthetic porcelain veneer placed on her other front tooth to give her smile more harmony and symmetry in shape, colour and position.

She also had tooth whitening. She now smiles a lot more!


With both of these patients we managed to achieve the outcome they wanted by simply removing decay and replacing old fillings with new state of the art composite filling materials, which were carefully polished to resist stain. These are simple and straightforward techniques but done to a very high standard.

The patient on the bottom also had his teeth whitened. He had requested porcelain veneers initially, but we felt it was worth trying composite (tooth coloured filling) first to see how it looked. This technique is more cost effective. He was very satisfied with the result.

Mock ups

A “mock up” is a way to show you how any proposed cosmetic changes either with cosmetic bonding or porcelain could look in your mouth. It is temporary and totally and quickly reversible. It is the most accurate and useful technique for showing you what could be possible. It is also a very useful tool for communicating with our technicians. If laboratory constructed porcelain work is being considered it is crucial as far as possible you, your dentist, and the technician has the same vision of your new smile. Tooth coloured composite filling material is applied over the existing teeth. It’s an excellent 3-D way to visualise the dramatic changes that aesthetic dentistry can offer.


This is a mock up on the top and bottom 8 teeth. It gives a good idea what porcelain veneers / crowns or build ups in composite could look like.

It is temporary, removable and totally reversible…… Although frequently when we do this patients like it so much they don’t want us to remove it!

It’s a bit like trying a wig on to see if a new hairstyle might suit you.


To the left we have a closer view of another mock up, showing proposed changes to tooth shape and gum margin.

To the right, we have a mock up giving an idea how a smile would look if the spaces were closed.

Remember .. this is not the finished product! It is just to help you (and us) visualise how changes might look before you decide what you would like to do.


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