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Denplan and Burgess Hill Dental

Denplan is the UK’s leading dental payment plan specialist.

Set up by two dentists in 1986, to help patients access, and dental practices provide affordable regular private dental care. They offer a range of dental payment plans to suit every oral health need and budget. It was designed to give patients an alternative way of paying for private (non-NHS) dental care other than ‘paying as you go’ for each item of private dental treatment.

We joined forces with Denplan in 1990 and have found it works very well helping our patients to spread the cost and budget for private dental care, but most importantly it has shown to be the best way of getting and keeping our patients dentally fit and healthy, and preventing problems in the future.

There are several financial plans that Denplan offer. We offer Denplan Care, Denplan Essentials and Denplan for Children.

Denplan Care

is a really easy way to spread the cost of all of your treatment into affordable monthly payments paid by direct debit, reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills. This plan will cover your regular dental health check-ups and hygiene visits with your dental team, as well as any restorative treatment you may need (eg. fillings, root treatment, extractions etc.) There is usually nothing further to pay at your visits to the practice.*

The costs of your dental treatment in Denplan Care are the same each month irrespective of the treatment you might need.* Choice of care is then more likely to be determined by your clinical condition and not compromised by the cost of individual treatments. The amount you pay each month is determined by the number of fillings etc. you have and your gum condition (basically your current oral health and past dental history, which should reflect your future dental needs). This will put you in a pricing band/category from A to E (see below). In addition, optional worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover is available for all Denplan dental plans as a Supplementary Insurance, as is access to Denplan’s 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline for help and advice when you need it most.

At your new patient consultation or at a routine dental health check your dentist will be able to tell you which payment category you would be in.

*Patients on Denplan Care plans pay reduced fees for crowns/dentures/bridges (treatments that involve laboratory work) etc. This means in practice you pay 40% of the normal private charge for crowns, dentures etc. Patients on Denplan Care plans are not covered for referral to a specialist (eg. for difficult wisdom tooth extraction, specialist gum treatment, orthodontics or implants) or cosmetic treatment.

Denplan Essentials

is an easy budgeting plan that covers you for the foundations of your dental care, helping to stop problems before they start. This plan covers you for an agreed number of regular dental health check-ups with routine radiographs and hygienist visits, as well as optional worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (Supplementary Insurance) and helpline access. It does NOT include the costs of any restorative treatment you might need (but we do give a 10% discount on our normal private prices).

Denplan for Children

Plans for Children helps to protect your children’s teeth with preventive and educational care encouraging a healthy smile for life. It enables us to schedule more time for your child with our dentists and hygiene team to really focus on preventing dental disease and promoting health. As with all our other plans, plans for Children also can include optional worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (Supplementary Insurance) and helpline access. Your dentist will advise you which category your child would be in.

Monthly Denplan Care Charges

A – £20.10  B – £29.42  C – £38.95  D – £51.99  E – £60.72
Denplan Care Fee for Crowns (40% of private fee) £238 to £276

Monthly Denplan Essentials Charges

A – (Annually: 1 Dental Health Check Up with your Dentist & 1 Hygienist visit + routine radiographs & supplementary insurance included + 10% discount on any other treatment) £10.14
B – (Annually: 2 Dental Health Check Ups with your Dentist & 2 Hygienist visits + routine radiographs & supplementary insurance included + 10% discount on any other treatment) £18.46
C – (Annually: 2 Dental Health Check Ups with your Dentist & 4 Hygienist visit + routine radiographs & supplementary insurance included + 10% discount on any other treatment) £27.98

Monthly denplan for children charges

Your dentist will advise you which category your child would be in

A – £11.12  B – £14.76 C – £19.72

For lots of additional useful information on Denplan and caring for your teeth please visit DENPLAN

Changing your Denplan Dentist

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There are three simple steps to change your dentist and ensure that you keep all the benefits of your Denplan membership.

1. Call your current dentist and ask them to complete a Patient Leaving Form for you. We recommend going to a final appointment with your current dentist because if you have outstanding treatment when you visit your new dentist you will be charged privately to have this completed.

2. Call Denplan on 0800 401 402 once you’re ready to cancel the contract you hold with your current dentist. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] Your contract will end with your dentist on the last day of the month. Denplan need 21 day’s notice to cancel your contract, so if you contact us within a week of your last Denplan payment, you won’t need to make another payment until you’ve registered with your new Denplan dentist.

3. Call your new dentist and arrange your first appointment. Remember to tell them that you’re a Denplan patient, and ask if there is any initial assessment fee. If you are moving to Burgess Hill Dental we do not charge you for your initial assessment. You’ll need to complete an application form and sign a new contract with your dentist, and remember to take along your Patient Leaving Form from your previous dentist if you have one.

Denplan can send you a list of Denplan dentists in your local area at your request, or you can search for a new dentist using our online Find a Dentist service.

If you’re rejoining Denplan within six months of leaving there is no registration fee to pay.

Payment for New Patient Consultations will be taken in full at the time of booking.
A full refund, or credit against a future appointment, will be given for appointments cancelled with at least two full working days’ notice.
The fee will be non-refundable for non-attendance or for appointments cancelled with less than two full working days’ notice.
For Denplan patients ‘transferring in’, the New Patient Consultation fee will be become fully refundable 14 days after the commencement date of your Denplan contract with us (your Denplan contract will start at the next available date to maintain continuity of your cover and to avoid a registration fee). Should you decide not to enter into a Denplan contract with us, the New Patient consultation will be considered a private appointment and the fee will be non-refundable. Our cancellation policy applies as above.

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