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Our Fees

We do our best to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment, have enough clear information for you to make an informed decision on your dental treatment options and are happy with the outcome.

The fees below provide a guide to our fee structure. It is practice policy to provide you with a written treatment plan and quotation before embarking on a course of treatment. We try to be totally transparent and fair in everything we do, particularly financially.

Payment Methods – We accept payment by cash, cheques, debit and credit card.
0% Interest Free Finance now available on larger treatment plans – No interest to pay, No deposit required.
Payment Policy – It is practice policy that all treatment received at each appointment is paid for at that appointment.
Helping you have the treatment you want
Spread the cost of your dental treatment with one of our flexible finance packages*
*Available on larger treatment plans
Please ask one of our friendly Reception team for more details.
Our 0% finance option allows you to spread the cost of your treatment

Our 0% finance option
Cash price £2,000, amount of credit £2,000 interest rate 0% pay £200 per month for 10 months.
0% APR representative, total amount payable £2,000.

Guide to private dental fees 2022


New patient consultation
To assess your dental health and discuss your requirements. We carry out a full mouth and dental examination, under high magnification and illumination, including screening for mouth cancer and gum disease. We include x-rays, photos and review appointment as required. A written quotation and treatment plan are always provided. SPECIAL OFFER SOMETIMES AVAILABLE See Special Offer
10 point routine dental health check
For existing patients, includes screening for mouth, face and neck cancer, gum health, dental infection, tooth wear and decay, jaw problems and oral hygiene advice.
Scale and stain removal
Simple scale and polish at dental health check appointment
Intra oral Radiograph (x-ray)£16.50
Clinical photographsFree
Periodontal Therapy  
In depth screening for gum disease; advice, education and treatment tailored to your individual needs; professional removal of hard and soft plaque deposits with our hygienists; home care advice tailored to individual needs.
Non routine/Urgent/ Additional  Treatment or Advice£65


Composite Fillings (tooth coloured) Restoration of your tooth following decay or dental injury. State of the art technique with the latest adhesives and materials, cosmetically matched to your tooth.
Small / Medium / Large
Major tooth reconstruction For teeth with very large cavities or fractures. It is possible using the newest generation of tooth coloured dental filling materials to rebuild a tooth functionally and aesthetically with composite filling material, however sometimes crowns or composite/porcelain onlays or inlays fabricated by our laboratory may be more suitable. Your dentist will advise you.£250

Crowns, bridges and veneers

Crowns are used to strengthen teeth that are weakened by large cavities or fillings. They can also significantly improve the appearance of discoloured, worn or uneven teeth. Advanced scanning techniques (instead of conventional impressions) used where suitable.

Superior Aesthetic high strength all ceramic crowns, veneers and bridge units (no metal)£650
Smile design crown veneer or bridge unit including wax up and articulation. Ultimate in natural aesthetics£720
Implant restoration crown£850

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening This is a safe and effective way of enhancing your natural teeth, making them brighter and whiter. Our approved home whitening system can give a great result after only 2 weeks.£340

Tooth Extraction

Anatomically and medically standard/complex£160/£220


Fees depend on denture material and number of teeth replaced

Full upper or Lower Denture£950
 Cobalt chrome partial denture£950
 Partial acrylic (plastic) denture small/largefrom £425/£730
 Denture repair/addition of tooth£60/£115

Root canal treatment (filling excluded)

This is a complex procedure to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction due to pain/infection, following severe decay, trauma or stress fractures. Repeat root treatment + 25% of prices below.

Single rooted teeth (incisors and canines)£360
 Double rooted (premolars)£430
 Multi rooted (molars)£545

Custom made sports mouth guard

one colour / two colours£95/£120

Laboratory constructed occlusal appliance complex/simple

(to help patients who grind their teeth at night)£495/£85

Monthly denplan care charges

Your dentist will advise you which category you would be in

A – £20.10
B – £29.42
C – £38.95
D – £51.99
E – £60.72
 Denplan Care Fee for Crowns£325

Monthly Denplan Essentials Charges

A (Annually : 1 Dental Health Check up with your dentist & 1 Hygienist visit + Routine radiographs & Supplementary insurance & 10% discount on any other treatment)£10.14
B (Annually : 2 Dental Health Check ups with your dentist & 2 Hygienist visits + Routine radiographs & Supplementary insurance & 10% discount on any other treatment)£18.46
C (Annually : 2 Dental Health Check ups with your dentist & 4 Hygienist visits + Routine radiographs & Supplementary insurance & 10% discount on any other treatment)£27.98

Monthly denplan for children charges

Your dentist will advise you which category your child would be in

A – £11.12
B – £114.76
C – £19.72



We recommend that private patients paying fee per item consider joining Denplan Care. Denplan Care

  • Enables us to provide all your routine care (including root canal work) to the highest standard for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Enables you to budget for high-quality dental care without the worry of unexpected large bills. The monthly fee is determined by your dental history and reflects future dental needs. This places you in one of five payment groups (A to E).
  • This payment also covers hygienist visits as needed. The frequency of hygienist appointments is governed by your oral health (generally patients in Denplan group A may benefit from an initial visit to the hygienist, group B may benefit from an annual visit. Patients in groups C, D and E may need more frequent visits).
  • In addition there are reduced charges for any necessary crown or bridgework to cover laboratory charges (40% of our private charge)
  • The monthly charge, collected by direct debit through Denplan can also cover optional worldwide accident and emergency insurance. This will cover you for urgent dental problems whilst away on holiday, or away from home generally. It also covers you in case of an accident where your teeth are damaged, like slipping on a step, or getting a cricket ball in the face.
  • Denplan does not cover cosmetic dentistry but a 10% discount is given to Denplan patients wanting cosmetic work (veneers, cosmetic crowns, tooth whitening etc.)

We are also pleased to offer Denplan Essentials.

  • This is a lower cost option, which covers routine dental health checks, any necessary radiographs and hygienist appointments only.
  • You, with your dentist, choose the frequency of your dental health checks and any hygienist appointments. The frequency is tailored to your needs and reflected in the monthly fee.
  • If any additional treatment is needed it is charged at our private rate less a 10% discount.
  • Optional worldwide accident and emergency insurance is also included if desired.
  • It offers significant savings on paying for routine care on a private fee per item basis.

If you are interested in Denplan Care or Essentials please ask any member of our team for further details.

For more information on Denplan, visit their website.

Free Smile Assessment

This includes a full discussion of your concerns and if appropriate clinical photographs and a reversible mock up to show you how things could look. Please see our Smile Gallery for examples and further information. This consultation is free and genuinely without any obligation and you do not need to be a patient at the practice to have a smile assessment.

NHS Dentistry?

Over the years changes have been introduced to the NHS dental system, why we felt made it increasingly difficult provide a standard of care we are comfortable with and we knew our patients deserved. We have progressively reduced our commitment to the NHS and current we just offer NHS care as an option for children of our registered patients.

Do you charge if I miss or cancel an appointment?

There are no fees charged for any appointments cancelled or changed with at least 2 working days notice. When appointments cancelled with less notice we will do our very best to reschedule the time reserve for you with another patient. If we are unable to do this there may be a cancellation fee. This fee also applies to any appointments missed or forgotten and is the same for patients belonging to Denplan and Private patients. However, we do understand that illnesses and emergencies do occur and we do allow for this.

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