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Composite Fillings

Having a tooth filled is an incredibly common dental procedure, treating dental cavities and damage. At Burgess Hill Dental, we use composite fillings for an aesthetic repair, rebuilding teeth and restoring them back to full functionality.

Dental composite is a type of resin made from a mixture of glass and plastic which, when hardened, looks just like dental enamel. It can be colour-matched to blend in perfectly with the natural tooth.

Safe and effective fillings at Burgess Hill Dental

We have been a mercury free dental practice since 2010. We feel that amalgam fillings no longer have a place in modern dental care and we are committed to providing white composite fillings of the highest standard. This does not mean that you need to have all your metal amalgam fillings removed. However, when they do get replaced you can rest assured that this will be done safely, and the new composite filling will look and function to a high standard.

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Why have composite fillings?

  • Blend in beautifully with your natural teeth
  • An extremely strong and durable choice
  • Less of the tooth needs to be removed before placement of the filling
  • Restore decayed, chipped, worn or broken teeth
  • No mercury or other metals involved
  • Bonds to the tooth to seal the tooth and to hold the filling in place
  • The modern filling of choice
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What is involved in having a tooth filled?

At Burgess Hill Dental, we advocate the use of a rubber dam where possible for white fillings. This is a technique where a sheet of rubber sits on top of the tooth being filled and means that you will not swallow any of the debris created during the cleaning process. It allows us to keep the tooth really dry when we insert the white composite filling. This is proven to give a better long-term result for white fillings.

We numb the affected area using local anaesthetic, and carefully remove the decayed part of your tooth before cleaning it thoroughly.

We apply an acidic gel to your tooth, which creates tiny holes to allow the composite material to bond to it and create an effective repair. This gel is then washed away and your tooth is thoroughly dried.

We carefully colour match the composite material to the shade of your natural tooth, and apply it in layers, gradually building up the shape. We can mould the composite so it fits perfectly in your tooth cavity and feels comfortable.

We harden the composite material using a UV light and give it a professional polish so it looks and feels like a natural part of your tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are composite fillings better than silver amalgam fillings?

In one word, yes! Many people opt for a white filling over the more traditional silver amalgam for aesthetic reasons, as the silver stands out a lot more in the mouth and stains the tooth. A white dental filling has many of the same strong and durable qualities as amalgam, and contains no metal. It is bonded to the tooth, which means composite fillings rarely fall out and seal the tooth against leakage.

Can white fillings be seen in the mouth?

White fillings blend beautifully into your natural teeth, and can’t be seen when you talk, laugh or smile. We ensure the composite material is colour matched to the shade of your natural teeth to give the most aesthetic repair possible.

Should I have my silver fillings changed to white composite?

If you have silver amalgam fillings and would like a more aesthetic alternative, we can change them for white composite. We remove the entire silver filling, clean your tooth and apply the composite to the tooth cavity for a natural looking repair.

Can my white filling be repaired if it gets damaged?

Yes, a composite dental filling can be easily repaired if it becomes damaged. As the composite is applied in layers and is able to bond to itself, we can add more material to cover the damage to your filling. In some cases, we may opt to remove the whole filling and replace it, but this still can be achieved in a single appointment.

How do I look after my white composite dental filling?

The best way to look after your white filling is to simply treat it as part of your natural tooth. Brush and floss twice a day to prevent decay forming, and visit your dentist for regular dental health checks.

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