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21st Century Dentistry

Advanced digital dentistry for modern treatment and incredible results. At Burgess Hill Dental, we are proud to use state-of-the-art technology across all areas of our practice to give you the safest and most effective care possible.

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3D scanner

We use the innovative Trios digital scanner to elevate your experience in our practice and help us achieve incredible results. It is used to capture highly detailed and precise images of your mouth and create accurate treatment plans and models without the need for sticky and uncomfortable impressions.

The Trios scanner is used across our practice. It not only helps us with precise planning and diagnosis, but enables us to show you detailed images of your mouth and explain your treatment with this visual aid. The images are available to view immediately, so you don’t need to take any additional time or make another appointment for this stage. The Trios scanner is particularly useful in Invisalign and dental implant treatments, and we can also use it for our range of cosmetic dentistry.

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Intraoral photography

We use an intraoral camera to look at all areas of your mouth in precise detail. The small pen-shaped device enables us to take high-resolution images of your teeth and gums, even those areas that are otherwise hard to reach, to aid in accurate diagnosis. They can also help us when we restore teeth, as we can use the image to guide us in the shape that we need to create to fit in with your bite.

We are able to display the detailed images from the intraoral camera on a monitor, giving you a better idea of what is happening inside your mouth. You are able to see why we are recommending a particular dental treatment, giving you a better understanding. We often take before and after images to show you what has been achieved with your treatment. The images are extremely useful when we refer patients for specialist treatment as the specialist can better understand the issue before they even see the patient.

Digital photography and imaging

We have dental macro cameras in every surgery, giving highly detailed and superb quality images in an instant. We are able to share these images with you, giving you a better understanding of your treatment and why it is needed. This is especially important in aesthetic dentistry cases to discuss your smile and see how treatment has improved it.

Magnification and illumination

Our dentists, hygienists and therapists wear dental loupes for greater magnification, usually also with an accessory light. These aid us with both diagnosis and treatment, promoting much greater treatment results. The work we do is very delicate and precise so having magnification is essential.

Digital x-rays

All of our surgeries across the practice use digital x-rays to enhance the quality of the images we can take of your mouth. They are far superior in clarity and detail, meaning even tiny imperfections can be identified. As they are digital, the x-rays are able to be viewed almost immediately, and can be adjusted to aid diagnosis, or retaken straightaway if necessary. It is also very easy for us to access previous x-rays and compare them if we need to.

For those patients who are concerned about radiation exposure, you will be pleased to learn that digital x-rays are lower in radiation than their traditional counterparts, which were already very low.

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Laser cold sore therapy

We know cold sores can be embarrassing, painful and negatively affect your confidence. As they are stress-related, they can occur at the worst possible times, such as just before an important work or social event, holiday or even a wedding. At Burgess Hill Dental, we are pleased to offer a new and very effective treatment for cold sores, using our soft tissue diode laser.

This minimally invasive treatment can prevent the cold sore lesion from progressing and significantly cut down the healing time. It is quick and painless, with no anaesthetic needed. It is best done at the very first stages of the sore developing, when you feel tingling or burning, before the blisters break through.

The charge for laser cold sore therapy is £45. Please call us as soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold sore coming on and we will do our best to see you that day.

Soft tissue laser treatment

We are proud to use advanced laser technology to bring our patients innovative treatment and care. Lasers in dentistry are most commonly used to adjust the gums in a very gentle way. If you have a filling extending underneath the gum, a loose part of gum that keeps getting infected, or would like your gum recontoured for cosmetic reasons, we can use laser treatment to help.

There is usually only minimal discomfort and no bleeding with gum laser treatment. We can remove small amounts of gum to make restorative treatments more predictable or to make the gum level the same on each of your teeth. Please note that only minor changes in gum level can be achieved in this way.

Air Abrasion

Advanced air abrasion treatment uses a high-powered stream of compressed air and coarse sand-like particles to gently remove enamel or structure from your tooth. The fine stream gives us greater control over the amount of tooth enamel we remove, and does not damage the surrounding teeth.

Air abrasion is a safe treatment that removes any slurry created when working on the teeth without damaging the rest of the tooth. It is often used to prepare your tooth before bond (dental glue) is placed as it increases the strength of the bond, and can also be used prior to the placement of crowns or veneers. We are proud to use this innovative treatment that provides an excellent result without the need for invasive drilling.

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The Airflow system has revolutionised dental hygiene treatment. It is a safe, gentle and highly effective way to clean plaque and bacteria from every part of your mouth, even the fine grooves that are otherwise difficult to clean. Airflow uses a controlled jet of warm water, air and bicarbonate powder to remove surface stains and improve your oral health.

Airflow is completely comfortable and is much gentler on your teeth and gums than a traditional scale and polish treatment, which many people associate with visiting the hygienist. Airflow leaves you with smooth, bright and healthier teeth after just one appointment.

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